Alef is a civic organization  registered in Belgrade, Serbia . It has been established to research, promote and preserve world esoteric traditions and esoteric heritage through publishing and research. Alef is a non-commercial and non-partisan organization devoted to its primary aim.

Alef‘s interest in publishing different esoteric materials are strictly cultural, biographical, bibliographical and social. Alef is NOT a mystery school, order or any such organization.  Though we may publish materials that do belong to certain schools of thought we do not endorse any such movement, school or organization. Individuals interested in contacting such organizations are advised to do so directly and not through Alef. Alef is not a membership organization.

We have set as our raison d’être to translate and publish valuable works of various traditions so that such gems of long forgotten times may reach modern scholars in their native languages. We are not narrowing our sphere of interest to ancient manuscripts. Any modern work we deem worth publishing will find its place in our library.

We shall not strive to publish as many books as possible and settle for “good enough” quality. Instead, we shall print small editions of high quality books.